Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click)

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is simply setting up ads that charge you when someone clicks on them. These ads are placed at the top of the search results page so it is the first thing a potential customer sees. Since we’re working under the category of Search Engine Marketing, PPC is primarily talking about Google and Bing ad campaigns that target keywords. Although usually found on these platforms, social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are known to display PPC ads as well. The keywords that are targeted are picked based on research of what your customer would type into the search box if they were searching for a service or product that you offer. Campaign Hawks will do this research for you. These are the same keywords that will be used in your online content development and will eventually yield organic traffic to your site. Although upfront you have to pay when customers click on your link, you are gaining people’s attention, awareness and trust that will eventually convert to free traffic in the future.  It is worth this small fee for huge results!


Hesitant to pay for traffic? Think of it this way…if you pay $2 for a customer to find you, and then they buy your product worth $20, you are still making a huge profit.  Don’t let the initial fee scare you off. Campaign Hawks can help you make the perfect ad to maximize your profit.


But before you start dishing out money for PPC campaigns, you must first have a solid foundation set up on your website.  Continue reading more about the search engine marketing process by clicking here.