Remarketing with Retargeting Ads

Targeting is a very important aspect of any digital marketing campaign.  Once you know the persona of a your typical customer, you can target that person on the internet in a variety of ways using multiple channels.  But even when your target is on the money (your perfect customer or potential customer) it’s not always the right time for them.  Timing, as you probably know, is a crucial factor in someone pulling the trigger and purchasing a product or a service.  We all have that ideal vacation or new car in the back of our minds, but life gets in the way and even though we have the means to make the purchase,the timing is just not right.  This is where retargeting, or remarketing, comes in hand.

Your initial marketing campaign targets as precisely as it can your target customer with ads and offers or information.  No matter how precise the targeting is, not all of your targeted customers will be in a position to buy or sign up for an email for a wide variety of reasons.  Many of your targeted customers or potential customers will show no interest, they may see your ad, but they they do nothing – they just keep scrolling down the page.  But some will show interest by liking or clicking to your offer page but they still don’t convert for whatever reason.  These are the potential customers that are prime for a remarketing campaign.  The next wave of ad dollars will be much smaller than the first and the conversion rates most of the time are much higher. Targeting only those potential customers who showed interest is shooting for the bulls eye.  When is the last time that you started shopping for something that you didn’t end up buying within the next three months?

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