Search Engine Optimization (Organic)

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the marketing term used to describe the active process of configuring your website (mainly with text, but other criteria is required) so that it presents itself in the best light to the search engines. You want your website to be ranked as highly as possible on the search results page, especially higher than your competitors. Campaign Hawks can make that happen!

On-Page and Local SEO

At Campaign Hawks, we expand On-Page and Local SEO efforts to any web presence that can be controlled, or changed, by the company’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) team.  Every business has an online presence and it’s often much bigger than realized. Google robots index almost everything on your site, so it is important to optimize every word, paragraph, and page that is on the web regarding your business. We can do research to determine what key words attract your customers and optimize your online “controllable” properties for you.


Please note that on-page SEO has changed quite drastically over the years. It is more important than ever to have integrity when developing your website and content. Google is getting increasingly more sophisticated at catching those websites that attempt to “trick” the search engines, such as the key word stuffing trick, and you will ultimately pay the price on the results page if you attempt this.


Part of Local SEO includes finding, and claiming, review sites that have posted information, and opinions, regarding your business.  We will maintain a positive image, on your behalf, by commenting on the reviews people have made about you. Although it may send up a red flag to give a third party, such as Campaign Hawks, your log-in information for these specific review sites, like Yelp, please remember that your success is directly tied to our success. We don’t want to hurt your reputation and will do our best to maintain a positive image for you, even when encountering negative and ugly comments from others regarding your business. To give you peace of mind, remember that at any time you can change your password and lock us out if you get uncomfortable. However, once you see this play out, you will be glad you have taken the steps to gain control of the ugly internet trolls that are trying to bring your business down.


Campaign Hawks will also take the appropriate steps to get your business indexed on over 70 sites, such as Foursquare, to let the local population know what great things you have to offer.  Did you know your business is out there on many websites with outdated information? We will ensure that these platforms have the most current contact information so all potential customer’s can reach you.

Off-Page SEO and Link Building

As previously stated, on-page SEO includes any controllable properties affecting your business presence. This is the opposite of off-page SEO, which is primarily link building. It also combines important strategies such as social bookmarking and social media marketing to improve your search engine ranking. Since these elements are somewhat controllable, however, it could be argued they fit more in the on-page SEO category. Off-page SEO and link building take time, require steady work and should only be attempted once your on-page presence is completed.


Similar to on-page SEO, it can be tempting to “trick” the search engines into a higher ranking when utilizing off-page SEO marketing strategies. This is a very dangerous road to take and will ultimately hurt your efforts in the long run. For example, many website developers will comment on blogs with your website linked to their comment to create backlinks. In other scenarios, multiple website owners have come together to specifically link to each other, sometimes creating other “false” websites to make this happen.  All in all, none of these links are truly created out of a respect, or with esteem, for those sites being linked to. They are artificial and fabricated links that hold very little meaning.  Google caught on to this. 


Google, and other search engines, started penalizing these techniques to gain links to your site. “Black hat” techniques will only hurt your ranking at the end of the day. Quality, over quantity, is the moto for doing things correctly with off-page SEO and link building, in general. Google started realizing that those websites that have links from well-known companies, or those websites that have more “likes” or “shares” on social media platforms, typically have the best content and value on their site. So they ranked these sites higher.


What is the moral of the story? Campaign Hawks will assist you in creating these backlinks as naturally as possibly, since that is ultimately what Google is looking for.  Even if you only have one or two links from outside sources, if they are from high-quality sites, search engines recognize that and will ultimately rank you higher. Don’t get pulled in the “black hat” world of link building! Call us today.


Why is SEO important to your business?

  • Almost all consumers research a product, or service, online before making a final purchase. Using SEO to target these costumers alone will increase your sales because you are catching potential customers at the first stages of the conversion funnel.


  • SEO brings you qualified, high-valued leads.


  • When someone is using search, they need helping finding an answer to a problem. Be that solution to your customers problem!


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