Online Presence

Your Online Presence

If a business exists,  then it exists on the internet, whether intentional or not.   Managing your online presence is critical to local SEO.   Many review sites, such as Yelp, will build a page for your business regardless of if one is wanted or not.  Why does this matter to you? If people, specifically customers, are making and reading reviews about your business, you want to manage these as best as possible, especially those comments that are negative.   Your online presence can be categorized into these areas:

  • Sites that you have complete control over (examples: your website)
  • Sites that you have a lot of control over, but not absolute (examples: Google and Bing business pages, Facebook page)
  • Review sites that you have limited control over (examples: Yelp)
  • Sites that you have no control over (examples: blogs that write articles about your business)

Your overall web presence encompasses more than just your website. Yet, so many people ignore this fact because their website is the only 100% controllable platform online. It’s all about your message.   What do you want the world to think or know about your business.  It’s in your best interest to understand your complete web presence and manage it to the best of your ability to show your business in the best possible light.  Your competitor does, so should you.


SEE SKYPE FOR SENTENCE FOR THIS. LIKE HOW BING USES FOURSQUARE FOR their business page. directory optimization.  google my business page, but there are other little sites. social media pages. all this is set up and manages maually.  over 70 sites to make sure they are also covered. right phone number, right  contact info, address.


local seo includes search engine platforms, social media platforms, ensure the over 70 directories are updated. (white pages, four square). k

online presence is local seo AND review site management. online presence is any site that mentions your business. It is the bigger picture.

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Online Presence Setup and Management

  • Google My Business Page
  • Bing Business Listing
  • Yelp Page
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • You Tube
  • Review Sites

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