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E-Mail Marketing

Although not nearly as valuable as in the past, email is still a viable marketing element. However,  proper management and execution of your email list has never been more critical. There are many obstacles between you and your customer’s inbox. We execute and manage your hard-earned customer email list with precision and care. We know every one of your customers is valuable to you and will not alienate them by sending poorly executed email campaigns or by sending them too many, too often. If done properly, email marketing can be a useful tool.

Campaign Hawks does e-mail marketing the right way. Everyone finds it annoying to sift through junk mail, including your customers. We don’t send junk. Each and every e-mail we send has a specific message designed to interest your customer.

We target your subscribers by segmenting groups and sending personalized e-mails. We can blast a shout out to your master list or create target e-mails for specific customers. We create updates, deals, coupons, and any message of awareness you’d like your subscribers to know.


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