Content Marketing


Content Marketing

Content Marketing: A marathon you’ll always win.

Adding content to your site is one primary way to get, and keep, Google’s attention. Google identifies active sites and will index them on a regular basis for new material. Content is essential, as long as your customer, or potential customer, wants to read it. If a viewer clicks on your website and finds value in your words, they will stay on your site and share it with others. This ultimately sends a huge message to the search engines, such as Google, that your website should be ranked higher on the search results page. The content doesn’t have to be a research paper or overly complex. It does need to be succinct, to the point and formatted in the appropriate way.


For example, a customer should be able to initially scan the page, quickly and easily finding certain headers and key words that interest them, and then spend time reading the material that is most relevant to them. The process of formatting your content is directly related to your customer’s user experience (UX) and is part of any website, or landing page, we help develop. But it’s not just the format of the article, but high quality information as well.


Google April 15th you have to kowtow to uncle Sam (???), if you want your web presence to be found by your target customer you must kowtow to Google’s search algorithm. Google is the 800 pound gorilla and it’s a moving target. But Google’s gorilla loves content so as of today “Content is Still King”.


Adding content to your site has never been easier with Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, which is still very effective with the search engines. However, content marketing still takes planning and creative writing that we offer here at Campaign Hawks. Since your ranking on search engines, like Google, are so heavily based upon good content, a comprehensive digital strategy should include the constant development of new articles and blogs, for example.


Campaign Hawks writes articles to be published on your site, or other influencing sites, along with videos, blogs, and social media posts. Think of content development as seeds being planted. If the seed isn’t good, it won’t yield results. Content has to be written or developed for you potential customers – something they need, want to read, and will digest. Your customer is smart enough to recognize bad content, and so is Google. We provide quality and valuable content about your business and/or products along with supporting existing content that speaks directly to your customers needs or desires. Regardless, the content we develop keeps your customers, or potential customers, engaged. In doing this, a significant percentage of viewers will be converted to your product or service. Content your audience can trust will lead to profitable customer action. With our content marketing skills, you will see an increase in sales while keeping your existing customer’s happy and satisfied.


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