Aerial Photography, Videography and Other Drone Services


Aerial Photography and Drone Inspections

Go beyond your visual line of sight and see things from a Hawk’s-Eye-View with Aerial Hawks. 

Drone Real Estate Photography

Impress your potential buyers with a Real Estate Drone Video that magnifies the acreage and landscape of the property’s exterior utilizing aerial photography.

Looking for a real estate photographer that will set your properties apart from the rest? Aerial shots ensure roofing conditions and in those obscure locations.

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Enhance Your Marketing

Enhance your business with spectacular aerial shots. Show off the scenic view from above. Before and after pictures are great for Roofing and Construction companies.

Explore the fairways and greens from above, Sell a beautiful property, and proudly display your finished work on your websites. Give the viewer a perspective they wouldn’t normally see. Separate from other businesses and realtors.

Drone Inspection Services

Companies have made the transition into using drones for Inspections and they are much safer, cost efficient, and an all around faster process than having a ladder or bucket truck. 

More can be see with our “Hawk’s Eye” than with the naked eye. We survey Roofs, Power Lines, Cell Towers, and more

Show Off Your Work With Before & After Pictures!

FAA Unmanned Aircraft System Licensed

  • We hold a Remote UAS Pilot Certificate
  • Registered Drone
  • 20 Hr Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Course

Pre-Flight Assessment

Every job is unique but most involve:

  • Site Safety Analysis
  • FAA Chart Review
  • Video/Photograph Capture to Clients Specifications
  • Video/Photograph Editing If Required
  • Video/Photograph Review

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FAA Certified Drone Pilots

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