Meet the Hawks

Our Philosophy

We love building businesses, and are good at it too! We have a passion for entrepreneurship and love helping you achieve your slice of the American pie. Although we have a smaller team than some of our competitors, our combined set of skills are unique and unparalleled. We integrate value and quality into our work at a competitive price. WE only succeed when YOU succeed!

Campaign Hawks has five in-house professionals, three affiliates and over 10 offsite professionals dedicated to serving you and our clients. You can rest assured that your company’s maximum potential will always be at the forefront of our campaign strategy and execution.


Local Team



Digital Strategy

I was born in Northwest Ohio but at the age of 10 moved to a suburb of Buffalo, N.Y. I’ve been actively executing digital marketing campaigns for over 10 years and will forever be a student of technology.



Campaign Management

I grew up in Loveland and am proud to call Cincinnati home. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati (Go Bearcats!) I enjoy entrepreneurship and helping others build their business. I believe the American Dream is alive and well!




Content, Social Marketing

Somehow I ended  up with a BS in Mathematics from The Ohio State University but my life passion is creative writing.  Most of the time both sides of my brain work well together but occasionally that comes into question when I’m chasing my two toddlers around the house.




PPC, Google Specialist

I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t order on Amazon. In today’s market, you have to be on top of digital marketing and since I grew up depending on the internet, it comes second nature to me. I’ve combined my passion of the internet with my drive for success to reach more customers every day.  And no… paying the big bucks for a billboard off the interstate is not my strategy. 



I’ve loved photography ever since I was a little girl.  There’s something special about capturing that perfect picture – a picture that stays with you – sometimes for the rest of your life! 



Without me we’re just individuals, but with me we become a team that works for you with the common goal of helping you succeed in today’s competitive environment.  I’m a hunter!


Off-Site Team

Meet the Hawk


Design, Web Development

My first web site in 1994, was called Buggy Browser. My partner and I hit the streets promoting our online car-lot to the local dealers. Every one of them thought we were crazy to think people would shop for cars on the internet!




IT Specialist

I’ve been coding for over 3 decades, initially using punch cards on a main frame IBM 360 and back when you were attached to a wall whenever talking on the phone. The internet age is still exciting to me and I can’t wait to see what’s next.  Could it be block chains?