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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has a place in most businesses today.  We’ve been managing social media accounts for over 5 years and know how to best integrate them into your business.  Call us today to discuss strategies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still affective in today’s environment although it is getting more competitive with the number of email lists that your customers find themselves on.  We can help segment your lists to get the results you need at affordable prices.  Call us today.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing has many components.  It’s one of the biggest part of your online presence.  We’ve organized the various aspects into understandable elements to help you decide what’s best for your business and brands. 

Digital Marketing Services

We can build your house, frame it or just update the kitchen.  If it’s digital we can do it.  We break our services down into comprehensive, understandable bites to help you with your marketing decisions. Call us today – we can help you.

Retarget Marketing

Ever search for an item and then notice that ads seem to be following you around for that same item?  That’s retarget marketing in action and when used appropriately can enhance your ROI which is what we do.  Call us today, we can help you figure out the best marketing strategies for your business and brands.

Aerial Video Services

Aerial video photography enhances many of our marketing campaigns – its a great fit for many of our customers.  We also provide other services specific to the vast capabilities of having an aerial platform for inspecting hard to reach areas.  Contact us about our many services – we’re FAA certified pilots.

We take the guess work out of marketing. Call today and talk with us about your business goals. Learn how Campaign Hawks can make your digital marketing strategy feel effortless. 

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“In the 21st century, the database is the marketplace.” – Stan Rapp, MRM Partners Worldwide

“Those Who Stop Marketing to Save Money are like Those Who Stop a Clock to Save Time” -Henry FordBill Schrader, businessman
Thank you for checking out Campaign Hawks.   We work hard to improve your business because our success is tied to your success. Our primary goal is a positive return on your digital marketing spend.  Our strategies increase your sales by  boosting brand awareness, driving more traffic to your web site, and adding potential customers to your list. Your customers are out there and we know how to find them. We target your audience and put them on a path that leads to your bottom line. We have many tools in our tool kit.  Just take a look at our services page.  Each tool is effective individually, but when we put the right tools together in a customized, comprehensive, digital marketing campaign, you will notice a significant difference.

Campaign Hawks specializes in connecting your brand to a narrow target audience to get the most from your advertising dollars. Our job is to help you be successful – we want to be on your team. Call us today or fill out the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you! Call Today for a Friendly FREE Consultation Digital Marketing • Digital Advertising Campaigns • Responsive Design • Optimized for Mobile • Google Adwords • Digital Marketing Channels • SEO (Search Engine Marketing) • Local SEO • Web Design • Lead Generation • Analytics Based Marketing • PPC Management (Pay Per Click) • FB Campaigns • Reputation Management • Video Content Development • Content Marketing